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We specialize in tech and marketing services you don’t have time for – Social Media posting, SEO & Analytics, and Web Design – schedule a brainstorming session with us, and we’ll be happy forge a new promotional strategy with you!

The Portal Story

Portal Outreach is boutique digital marketing agency that offers virtual services. We cater to solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small businesses. If you need help building a website, managing social media, building and/or managing an email marketing campaign then you are in good hands.

Creative Team

Kyle Russell

Kyle Russell

Founder / CEO

Kyle Russell has been a part of corporations, partnerships, non-profits throughout the years – but never happier than working as an independent contractor – so he knows what you’re going through, in whatever business context you find yourself. Kyle also understands that there are never enough hours in the day, and there are some tasks better left to others. You can’t get ahead, or fulfill your vision without the support of a team. Having worked with many outside contractors, we’ve found that creating an in-house group of good communicators and technically skilled individuals is the best way to go. And now we bring you our services, it’s like home cooking, never one-size-fits all. What can we do together!

Bill Hennessey

Bill Hennessey

CTO / Senior Project Manager

Bill Hennessey has been involved with marketing for over 20 years, with a recent concentration in digital marketing. Bill has worked with companies of all sizes from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 Companies like UPS (back-end database development) and Stop & Shop (website migration). Easy to work with and ready to learn, there’s no project too big or too small to take on. Let us brainstorm as to how Portal Outreach can best serve you!

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